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Solar Battery How To Eliminate Short Circuit Fault
- Feb 28, 2017 -

(1) open circuit voltage low, closed-circuit voltage (discharge) will soon reach the end voltage.

(2) large current discharge, Terminal voltage drops to zero quickly.

(3) when open, very low density of the electrolyte, electrolyte for freezing phenomenon in a low temperature environment.

(4) when charging, the voltage rises slowly, always keep a low value (sometimes zero).

(5) when charging liquid electrolyte temperatures rise very high very quickly.

(6) charging, the electrolyte density rising very slowly or almost no change.

(7) charging without bubbling or gas appeared very late.

Solar LED Street lamp lead internal short circuit of the battery for the following main reasons:

(1) the partition bad quality or defect, active substances through the plates, resulting in positive and negative plates virtual contact or by direct contact.

(2) the clapboard shot which connected to the positive and negative plates.

(3) expansion of active material on the plates off, due to excessive shedding of active material deposition, resulting in positive and negative plate lower edge or side edges connected to the positive and negative plates caused by contact with sediments.

(4) caused by conductive objects into the battery connected to the positive and negative plates.

(5) welding group formed when "lead flow" is not removed, or when there are "lead-beans" exists between the positive and negative plates, damage caused by partition in the charge and discharge process connected to the positive and negative plates.

LED Street lamp lighting lights, was a solid cold light source, with environment protection and pollution-free, low power consumption, high light efficiency, long life and other characteristics of environmentally friendly LED lamps is of great significance for urban lighting.