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Solar Street Lamp Safe And Energy-free Pollution
- Aug 09, 2017 -

Solar street lamps with energy-saving and environmental protection, beauty, low operating costs, intelligent operation, and other advantages, not only to show the country's new appearance, but also to the villagers to promote the concept of eco-environmental protection. Solar street lamps to solar cells as a power supply, using solar panels to receive solar energy, according to natural light and the strength of the use of light and electronic automatic control of working time, through the converter into electricity, LED Solar Street Light but also has a storage function, even if cloudy or rainy days are not affected, the use of light and light control technology

Solar energy can be so quickly popularized, because it is compared with the ordinary light, there are many incomparable advantages. First, he does not ditch buried line, LED Solar Street Light the project is relatively small, as long as the installation of a cement base, and then with stainless steel screws fixed on the line. Also, because the solar street lamp free of electricity, as long as one input can, no maintenance costs, generally two three years can recover the investment cost, get the benefit. 3rd, LED Solar Street Light Solar street lamps relative to conventional street lamps, security is relatively strong, because he is ultra low pressure products, so relatively safe. Furthermore, the main components of solar street lamps, the life of solar panels is very long, generally in 25 years or so, so the benefits are relatively large. Finally, the most important point is, because Solar street light is green products, LED Solar Street Light will not harm the environment, has become a noble ecological community a new selling point to promote.

Solar street light for energy, solar panels during the day to recharge batteries, night battery to the lamp source power supply, no need for complex and expensive pipeline laying, can arbitrarily adjust the layout of lamps and lanterns, safe and energy-free pollution, LED Solar Street Light no need for manual operation and stable and reliable, saving electricity and maintenance-free.

Energy-saving: Solar photovoltaic conversion to provide electricity, inexhaustible. Environmental protection: No pollution, no noise, no radiation.

Safety: No electric shock, fire and other accidents. Convenience: Installation is simple, do not need to rack or "cut the belly" digging ground construction, there is no power blackouts worry.

Long life: High technological content of products, control systems, accessories are international brands, intelligent design, reliable quality.

High grade: Science and technology products, green energy, LED Solar Street Light the use of units attach importance to science and technology, green image enhancement, grade promotion.

Less investment: one-time investment and alternating current equivalent (alternating current investment from power conversion, power, control box, cable, engineering, etc. total), an investment, long-term benefit.