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Solar Street Light Installation Errors
- Jul 05, 2018 -

Solar street light installation errors

As we all know, the quality of solar street light is very important, but if the procurement staff spent a lot of energy, it is not easy to buy a satisfactory product, but there is a mistake in the installation process , I believe this is no one can accept. Nomo has been focusing on solar street lights for many years and has extensive experience. The following is a detailed description of what misunderstandings exist when installing solar street lights:

1.Too much shelter aroundthe installation area

Too much obstruction will lead to a decrease in the charging efficiency of solar panels. For example, leaves, buildings and other obstructions will block the light, which will affect the absorption and utilization of light energy.


2.there is a reference to the light source next to the solar panel

This will cause the solar panel charging voltage to be above the light control voltage point and it will not light. For example, there are other street lights next to the solar street light. When the night falls and the street lights up, the solar panel of the solar street light detects that the light source mistakenly believes that it is during the day. At this time, the controller will control it and will not let it turn on. panels mounted on wires, branches, light poles or other shelters

This will leave a shadow on the solar panel during the day. Because the solar panels usually have multiple strings, if a certain number of solar panels have shadows on them, the shadows are deeper. In serious cases, this string is equivalent to a broken circuit, and the solar panel is multi-stringed. 1 combined, that solar panel will not generate electricity.

4.Double-side street lights, solar panels face to face tilt.

Installers may install the solar panels face-to-face in an inclined symmetry style for aesthetic reasons, but if the orientation is correct, then the other side is definitely wrong. On the wrong side, the charging efficiency will be reduced because the light cannot be directed to the solar panel.


5.there is a problem with the solar panel angle adjustment

This will lead to low charging efficiency of solar panels. The correct angle adjustment of the solar panel needs to follow a simple principle: let the solar light shine directly on the solar panel, so that the charging efficiency is the greatest. In different places, the tilt angle of the solar panel can refer to the local latitude, and the latitude is how much the solar panel is tilted horizontally. Therefore, for different latitudes and different road surfaces, the solar panel angle adjustment is quite critical. panels on the indoor charging

Some customers will install solar street lights in the parking shed to facilitate parking at night, but at the same time, they also install solar panels in the shed. This will naturally reduce the charging effect. In this case, we can use outdoor charging, indoor discharge, solar panels and lamps. Separate the installation.

7.Randomly extend the solar panel connection line

In some locations, due to too much interference in installing solar panels, the solar panels and lights are simply separated by a long distance. Some customers are separated by 10 or more meters or even longer, and then they are free to buy two-core wires in the market. That’s it. Since the quality of the wire material in the market is not very good in itself, and the distance between the wires is very long and the line loss is large, the charging efficiency will be reduced a lot and the lighting time will be affected.