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Solar Street Light Installation Requirements
- Jun 21, 2017 -

Solar street lights entirely rely on solar panels to maintain its power to produce lighting, and some grassroots construction workers do not understand the knowledge of solar street lights, there is a free installation, resulting in solar panels can not charge or charge very little, so the lights can not be bright or bright The lamp time is very short. Today, the source of a small series of buried to everyone summed up a few solar street lights some of the wrong installation, I hope we can avoid a similar problem.

1, the installation of the local shelter too much, resulting in solar panels to reduce the efficiency of charging.

Such as leaves, buildings and other shelters block the light, affecting the absorption and utilization of light.

2, in the solar panel next to the reference light source, LED Solar Street Light resulting in solar panel charging voltage above the light control voltage point, can not light.

For example: there are other street lights next to the street, the night comes, next to the street lights lit, causing the solar panels solar panels to detect the light is mistaken for the day, then the controller will control will not let it light.

3, solar panels installed in the wire, branches, poles or other shelter below, resulting in the daytime in the solar panel will leave a shadow.

Because the solar panels of the battery are generally multi-string, if the solar panels on a string of battery films appear on the shadow, the shadow is relatively deep, serious, LED Solar Street Light then this string is equivalent to the road, and the solar panels if it is more String 1 and the, this piece of solar panels will not generate electricity.

4, double mounted lights, solar panels face to face tilt.

For the sake of beauty, the installation of the solar panel may be symmetrical, but if the side is correct, then the other side is certainly wrong. Wrong side, because there is no way to direct light to the solar panels, charging efficiency will be reduced.

5, solar panel angle adjustment problems, resulting in solar panels charge efficiency is low.

Solar panel correct angle adjustment to follow a simple principle: so that direct sunlight solar panels, LED Solar Street Light so that the charging efficiency is the largest.

In different places, the angle of the solar panel tilt can refer to the local latitude, latitude is the number of solar panels on the horizontal tilt of the angle, so for different latitudes and different pavement, solar panel angle adjustment is quite critical.

6, solar panels on the indoor charge;

Some customers will be installed in the parking lot of solar lights to stop at night, but also the solar panels installed in the shed, so that the natural effect of greatly reduced charging, LED Solar Street Light this situation we can use outdoor charging, indoor discharge, solar panels and lights Separate the way to install.

7, free to extend the solar panel cable;

Some locations due to the installation of solar panels interfere too much, simply the solar panels and lights separate long distance, and some customers are separated by 10 meters or even longer distance, and then casually in the market to buy two-core wire connected To do this trouble. As the general quality of the wire itself is not very good, coupled with the distance from the line is very long, the line loss is great, so the charging efficiency will be reduced a lot, resulting in lighting time affected.

8, the site staff will not use the project remote control, parameter setting error does not lead to light.

According to a number of on-site understanding, some construction staff feedback, do not know the function of the remote control, in short, according to a mess, no light on the matter. In fact, this time may have set the parameters wrong, resulting in abnormal lights. LED Solar Street Light The source of intelligent lighting design 6 kinds of user-friendly mode of operation of the remote control, simple and convenient, a key switch, do not worry about parameter settings wrong, which mode to switch to which mode.