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Solar Street Lighting Installation Area Conditions
- Mar 30, 2018 -

Solar street lighting installation area conditions

Everyone knows that solar street lights do not use mains electricity, fast installation, environmental protection, etc., but the same solar street lights also have their own requirements. The installation conditions also have requirements on the geographical location, in order to allow solar street lamps to work normally and efficiently for solar energy. The street lighting installation area let's us to tell you:

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First of all, there is a limit to the altitude of the area where solar street lights are applied. Ordinary solar street lights are suitable for areas within an altitude of 2,000 meters, which is the entire central and eastern plains of China. Because altitude also affects the use of batteries and lines.

Secondly, solar street lights are best used at -50°C to 70°C. Temperatures are too high to work properly, and low temperatures can make it run slower.

Once again, the wind-resistant area for solar street lamps is rated at level 12, which means that no damage will occur within the 12-level winds, and they should all be used in China.

Also, the solar street lamp has a seismic rating of 8 and will not be damaged unless it encounters a particularly large earthquake. Normal areas will not cause problems.

Finally, solar street lights can be used normally in areas where the humidity cannot be more than 80%. Excessive air humidity is too high, which will make the damp connections of electronic components unstable and affect system lighting.