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Solar Street Lights Running Stable
- Jul 05, 2017 -

With the increasing resources of the Earth, the basic energy investment costs are rising, a variety of security and pollution hazards can be described as ubiquitous. Solar energy as a "inexhaustible safety, environmental protection, new energy more and more attention.Thus, solar lighting products with the popularity of solar water heaters came into being, where the solar street lights and the use of municipal circuits The effect of the lamp is done using contrast:

Contrast one:

Solar street light installation is simple and does not need to lay the cable: solar street light installation, just do a cement base, LED Solar Street Light and then fixed with stainless steel screws can be.

Contrast two:

Electricity utility street lights expensive: commercial lighting street lamp work in a fixed high tariffs, and long-term uninterrupted on the line and other configuration maintenance and replacement,  maintenance costs will increase year by year.

Solar street lights free electricity: solar street lights one-time investment, without any maintenance costs, three years to recover the cost of investment, long-term gains.

Contrast three:

There are security risks: electricity lighting street lights due to the construction quality, landscape engineering transformation, material aging, power supply is not normal, LED Solar Street Light water and electricity pipeline conflict and other aspects of the impact brought a lot of security risks.

Solar street lights no security risks: solar street lights are ultra-low voltage products, stable operation, safe and reliable.

Other advantages of solar street light: green, can be a noble ecological community development and promotion of new love points, LED Solar Street Light sustainable reduction of property management costs. Reduce the cost of the owners of the public part of the apportionment.

In summary, the safety of solar street lights without hidden danger, no energy consumption, green, simple installation, automatic control, maintenance-free features. Will be for the sale of real estate, municipal engineering construction directly bring obvious advantages.

Solar street light consists of the following components: solar panels, batteries, solar dedicated controller, luminous body and lamp. Is an automatic control of the working system, LED Solar Street Light as long as the system set the work mode will automatically run the work, solar street lights is the ideal road lighting, with the improvement of people's lives and social development, it will be widely used, The sun gave the earth the light at night for human lighting.

Solar street light mainly by the solar panel components, intelligent controller, battery pack, light source, light pole and bracket and other components.

Solar street light is the use of solar panels in the daytime solar radiation into electricity, and then through the intelligent controller to store electricity in the battery. When the night comes, the sun's light intensity gradually decreases, when the intelligent controller detects a reduction in light to a certain value, the control of the battery to the light source to provide power, LED Solar Street Light so the light will automatically turn on when the dark light. Intelligent controller for the battery charge and discharge protection, and the light source to open and lighting time to control.

Foundation pouring

1, to establish the installation of street lights: According to the construction drawings and survey site geological situation, there is no shade at the top of the street lights to 40 meters distance between the street lights to determine the location of the installation of street lamps, LED Solar Street Light or to properly replace the street lamp installation location.

2, excavation roadbed pit: in the fixed street lamp installation location excavation street lamp foundation pit, if the surface 1 meter soil soft, then the depth of the excavation will be deepened. And to identify and protect other facilities (such as cables, pipes, etc.) for excavation locations.

3, dug into the pit in the battery box, used to store the battery. If the excavated pit is not wide enough to continue to dig wide, to have enough space to accommodate the battery box.

 4, pouring the base of the road embedded parts: in the excavation of 1 meter deep pit, the embedded parts placed in the pit, and one end of the wire tube into the middle of the embedded parts, the other end into the buried battery The And to keep the embedded parts, the foundation and the ground in the same level. And then with C20 concrete on the embedded parts for pouring fixed. Pouring process constantly stirring symmetry to ensure that the entire embedded parts of the compactness and firmness.

5, the construction is completed, timely clean up the residue on the positioning plate, until the concrete is completely solidified (about 4 days, good weather, then 3 days can be), LED Solar Street Light can be installed on the solar street lights.

Installation of solar street light components

Installation of solar panels

1, the solar panels on the panel bracket, and tighten the screws to make it solid and reliable.

2, connect the solar panel output line, pay attention to the correct positive and negative panels, and the battery output cable tie with the tie.

3, then a good line after the tinplate on the tinplate to prevent oxidation of the wire. And then put a good line of the battery board aside, waiting for threading.

LED lighting installation

1, the light line from the lamp arm piercing, in the installation of a lamp at the end of a light line, in order to install the lamp.

2, the poles will be supported, the other end of the light line from the poles reserved at the hole at the piercing, the light line to the poles at the end of the head. And the other end of the lamp line to install the lamp.

3, the lamp arm and pole on the screw hole alignment, and then use a quick wrench to tighten the lamp arm with screws. Visual lamp arm without skew after the lamp arm to fasten.

4, the light line through the poles at the top of the end of a good mark, together with the solar panel line with a thin tube together with the two ends of the poles to the bottom of the pole, LED Solar Street Light and the solar panels fixed on the poles. Check the screws are tightened after waiting for the crane to lift.

Light pole lifting

1, light pole must be checked before the lifting of the fixed parts, and see whether the lamp and the battery plate deviation, and make the appropriate adjustments.

2, the rope will be worn in the right position, slowly lifting lamps. Avoid crushing the cable rope.

3, when the poles hanging to the ground is above, slowly put down the poles, while rotating the poles, adjust the lamp on the road, the flange on the hole in the foot bolt.

4, the flange fell on the foundation, followed by flat mat, spring pad and nut, LED Solar Street Light and finally with a wrench to tighten the nut, the light pole fixed.

5, remove the lifting rope, and check the poles are tilted, whether to adjust the poles.

Battery and controller installation

1, the battery into the battery wells, with fine wire to the battery line to wear the roadbed above.

2, in accordance with technical requirements to connect the cable to the controller; first take the battery, then load, and then then the sun board; wiring operation must pay attention to the wiring and the controller connected to the terminal can not be wrong, positive and negative poles Sex can not be collided, LED Solar Street Light can not be reversed; otherwise the controller will be damaged.

3, adjust the work of the street lights are normal; set the controller mode, so that street lights up to see if there is a problem, if there is no problem set the light time, the light pole cover.

Adjustment of solar street light components and secondary embedding

1, after the completion of the installation of solar lights, check the overall installation of the street lights, for the light pole is tilted, re-adjust. And finally make the installation of the whole street uniform.

2, check the sunrise angle of the battery panel is biased, the need to adjust the direction of the panel Chaoyang forward to the south, the specific direction to the compass prevail.

3, standing in the middle of the road to check the lamp arm is skewed, the lamp is justified. If the lamp arm or lamp is not correct, but also need to re-adjust.

4, until the installation of all the lights to adjust the uniform, lamp arm lamp cap is not skewed, the pole base for the second embedded. With cement to the pole base into a small box, so that solar street lights more solid and reliable.