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Solar Street Lights Safe And Energy Saving Pollution
- Oct 27, 2017 -

Solar street lights for the energy, during the day through the sun, solar panels to the battery charge, the battery to the load at night to use the power supply, LED Solar Street Light without complicated and expensive pipeline laying, can adjust the layout of the lamp, safe and energy-saving pollution, no manual operation is stable and reliable , Save electricity free maintenance.

The main advantages of solar street lights include:

① energy saving, solar street light is the use of natural light source, reducing the consumption of electricity;

② safety, commercial lighting lights may exist due to construction quality, material aging, LED Solar Street Light power supply disorders and other reasons caused by the security risks. The solar street lights do not use AC, using the battery to absorb solar energy, the low-voltage DC into light energy, LED Solar Street Light there is no security risks;

③ environmental protection, solar street light pollution, no radiation, in line with modern green concept;

④ high-tech content, solar street light using intelligent controller to control, according to 1d sky natural brightness and people in a variety of environments need to automatically adjust the brightness of the brightness;

⑤ durable, the vast majority of solar cell module production technology, are sufficient to ensure that more than 10 years performance does not decline, LED Solar Street Light solar modules can generate power for 25 years or longer;

⑥ maintenance costs are low, away from the remote areas of the town, in order to maintain or repair conventional power generation, transmission, street lamps and other equipment costs are high. Solar street lights only need to check the cycle and very little maintenance workload, LED Solar Street Light the maintenance costs less than conventional power generation system;

⑦ installation of building blocks, the installation of flexible and convenient, user-friendly according to their needs to select and adjust the size of solar street lights;

⑧ independent power supply, off-grid operation of the solar street lights with power supply autonomy, flexibility.

Features of solar street light - other advantages of solar lighting

Green environmental protection, for the development and promotion of noble ecological community to add new selling points; sustainable reduction of property management costs, reduce the cost of the owners of the public part of the apportionment. In view of the comparison, the safety of solar lighting without hidden danger, LED Solar Street Light no energy consumption, green, easy installation, automatic maintenance and maintenance-free features such as the sale of real estate, the construction of municipal projects directly bring obvious advantages. Solar street light consists of the following components: solar cells, batteries, solar lights dedicated controller, LED Solar Street Light luminous body and light pole. Solar street light is an automatic control of the working system, as long as the system set the work mode will automatically run the work. Solar street light is the ideal road lighting, with the improvement of people's lives and the continuous development of society, it will be widely used, so that the sun gave the earth the light in the night for human lighting.

With the people's awareness of environmental protection, low-carbon environmental protection concept began to gradually penetrate into our lives. LED Solar Street Light So after the use of solar energy will be popular. Today is for you to introduce the advantages of solar street lights compared with traditional street lamps, solar street lights is no doubt than ordinary street lamps, ordinary street lights directly use the power, and solar energy is converted into electricity through the light. I hope you have a certain understanding after reading.