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Strong Earthquake Resistance Of Integrated Solar Street Lamps
- Aug 31, 2017 -

Features of integrated Solar street lamps

Integrated Solar street lighting installation and layout:

Integrated Solar street lighting installation, layout needs according to the width of the road, lighting requirements, the choice of installation, cloth lamps, generally have: single side cloth lamp, Integrated LED Solar Street Lights symmetrical double side cloth lamp, double side staggered cloth lamp three kinds of way.

Second, integrated solar street light source selection:

Integrated Solar street Light Source selection principle is suitable for environmental needs, light efficiency, long life of the light source. Commonly used light source types are: three primary colors of energy-saving lamps, traditional lamps, electrodeless lamps, LED and so on, integrated solar street lights, Integrated LED Solar Street Lights for the global environmental status quo, lithium battery integrated Solar street lamp, the national policy, the application of the most integrated solar street light source is electrodeless lighting sources and LED lights.

Regional installation of integrated solar street lamps can not be made in the normal way, but to conduct field trips, which are not affected by seasonal changes, Integrated LED Solar Street Lights the sun has always been in a similar position in this area, which may be 40°, perhaps 50°, a high pole integrated solar street lamp, and only a local battery board, Calculate the most accurate voltage data to determine the final angle with the relevant test tools.

Although the angle of the solar panel will not directly affect the lighting effect, but the lack of light will cause the battery to be in a state of loss for a long time, Integrated LED Solar Street Lights which not only makes the illumination period greatly discounted, but also shortens the battery life. So, the angle of the solar panel is very critical.

Integrated Solar street Lamp impact resistance, strong seismic strength, no ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation. No filament and glass shell, no traditional tube fragmentation problems, no harm to the human body, no radiation;

Integrated Solar street Light color index high, color rendering good. Integrated LED Solar Street Lights The appearance of the color is more real, more vivid;

The integrated solar street lamp includes a lamp rod, the upper part of the lamp rod is provided with a lamp holder, the lamp holder is provided with an LED bulb, and the top of the lamp rod is provided with a power supply device located above the lamp holder, a rotating column is arranged on the connecting point of the power supply device and the lamp rod, the power supply device can rotate along the rotating column, and the solar panel, Integrated LED Solar Street Lights the battery pack and the The battery is electrically connected with the solar panel and the lamp holder, and is used to control the LED bulb switch and the solar panel and battery charging and discharging controller electrically connected to the solar panels, batteries and caps. Solar panels, the battery pack and the Controller are integrated in the power supply device, which avoids the external walking line, the installation is simple, Integrated LED Solar Street Lights and the maintenance without destroying the bottom surface; the rotation angle of the solar panel is adjustable, and the solar panel can be rotated according to the position of the sun to realize all-weather solar energy utilization.