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Super Practicality Of 6-meter Solar Street Lights
- Jun 09, 2018 -

Super Practicality of 6-meter solar street lights

The most widely used street lights in new rural construction should be led street lights or solar street lights. They are mainly energy-efficient, and they can ensure lighting effects. They serve two purposes. It’s sensible to use solar street lights in remote mountain areas or areas where the power system coverage is low, because requirement is loose for the surrounding conditions, as long as it has the sun to power, not picky, easy to shape the street lights products, of which the most cost-effective is a 6-meter solar street light,very hot selling, high popularity rate . Let’s talk about the reasons and inevitability.

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The first consideration of solar street lights is the height of the poles. The height of the poles is determined by the width of the road . If there are several ways and there are no auxiliary roads. For cities, they are basically four-way roads. The width of the street is ten meters or more, then the height of the pole is about 8-10 meters. At the same time, with the auxiliary road, it needs solar lights to make the arms, the main arm 80-100 watts, the auxiliary arm 30 watts, but if The basic road width in rural areas will not exceed 5 meters. This determines that the pole height must not exceed 6 meters, usually between 4.5 meters and 6 meters.

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The 6-meter meter usually corresponds to 25-30 watts, the latter being mostly, and then the solar panel must be set. Battery configuration, usually the countryside for the 6-meter solar street lighting requirements from the dawn of five six o’clock to 12 o’clock in the evening or so, basically all people have entered a sleep state, the road is almost no pedestrians, the role of the street lights gone , And the older people have a small problem, there is light to sleep, the solar street light will also affect the normal work of farmers, which is a bit self-defeating, so a reasonable lighting time is 6 hours a day, the battery configuration is based on the use of local rainy weather conditions. In some areas, the battery configuration for a few days of rain is low, and some rainy three-day configurations are higher, but the total is 6 meters. The impact of solar street lights quotes is not particularly large and it is acceptable. The working time of the integration solar street light provided by our company is 12 hours with intelligent dimming control function. If the customer has special requirements, they must confirm with us. The conventional rural can use our Hyperion series HP5000 5000LM integration solar street light , corresponds to the configuration can basically meet all regions of the country, the reason why the price is different due to different using areas, Due to different working time requirements, different rainy days caused by the situation, the price is not fixed, need to customize the solar street lights according to the project requirements.

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