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The Solar Show Invitation
- Mar 07, 2018 -

                                           The solar show invitation

Good news ! We will be showing our all in one solar street light hyperion models and solar powerwall system on soar energ show in south africa from 27th to 28th March .

Nomo Group is always dedicated to making innovations on solar lighting products . Our Hyperion solar street light adopts the most advanced enginnering ideas , and looks very elegent from the outlook . As for the structure of all in one slar street light ,we use high strength alluminum alloy profile . 

Consists of four main parts  , solar panel , smart energy pack , LED ,a lluminum alloy bosy . Each part can be removed easily from the others . You can replace it easily and conviniently when something is wrong with the LED integrated solar street light .

When it comes to the solar powerwall system , we use totally different idea from the market . Firstly the battery for the energy system we uses is lifepo4 rather than tranditional lithium or lead acid battery , which makes the lifespan becomes four times more than the other market models .Secondly , our system is designed to be portable .Can be use even you want for outdoor camping .

South africa .png

So Hopefully our products will help clients to broaden the market on solar lighting products .

Be There or be square .