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We Will Show Our Unique All In One Solar Street Light On Dubai Show
- Aug 31, 2017 -

                                 The Dubai Show 

Here is the good news for  you .

We wll come to take part in the dubai show on 17th to 19th October , 2017.

Welcome clients all around the world come and join us . 

Nomo is making innovation all the time , We will show our:  new hyperion  all in one solar street light seris ,helios solar pole lightng  series ,  apollo series and DIT solar home system there .

Here is the brief introduction :

  1. Hyperion all in one solar street light 

The hyperion solar street light is designed for lighting retrofit project .  The name comes from a greek god whose name was Hyperion . He is intelliginet , elegent and bring light to the world . 

We Make it very easy to assemble and disassemble by using a modular design ,  solar panel , heat disspation , smart energy pack and holidng fixtures can all tear apart partly if needed ,  Due to the mass production , the cost and production time also reduced a lot cmpared the exsiting old solar lights in the market . 

HP series all in one solar street llight .jpg

HP  solar powered street light 1.jpg

2.Apollo series solar street light .

Apollo series-2.jpg

3.Helios  stnad alone solar pole lighting 

The HELIOS Solar Street Light/Lamp, interprets as Tall and Handsome, wearing a Black Tie.

But not only it's first impressive appearance, HELIOS is wind resistant with It's best performance of high powered Light Solar Panels, solving dust, snow, bird poop, issues that leads to reducing the efficiency of power generating.  In some cases leaves , and various applications from gardens and landscape, covering Solar Panels can cause got plate failure too.


The Power supply that monitor's facilities and networking technology is available with our Smart controlled system through PC terminal  and APP application, making it possible for checking real-time, working status, Also letting us control the dimming and working mode, alarm, fault, etc.

NOMO' s combined unique design with the Latest Technology of Photostatic and LED.  Most products are certified and developed in Germany.  The key materials are sourced from suppliers in Germany due to the unique energy management system.  The system ensures high performance, reliability in all Weather conditions, and the most Challenging Solar Radiance surrounding with it's programmed technology, including energy saving, environmental protection .


HELIOS, has created a brand New Benchmark for Solar Aesthetics, which makes it different from the imitated designs manufactured solar lights.


HELIOS has it's Elegance with a touch of  Wisdom.


HELIOS, King himself Standing tall, bringing Light through Natural Power of Solar on Pole, better than the rest!


4. Solar energy saver / solar home lighting system 

We will be right there waiting for your coming .

dubai show invitition .jpg