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Why Choose NOMO Smart Solar Street Light?
- Jul 11, 2018 -

Why Choose NOMO Smart Solar Street Light?

Located in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, NOMO group obtains high reputation in the smart solar street light market after several years development.

Especially our owned operation system, which make the lights be connected with RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) and DTU (Data Transfer Unit), users can have historical and real time preference monitoring experience.

Nomo was not built in a day. Why NOMO smart solar street light can be recognized by the users?
1.Modular design
Compared with the normal solar street light, HYPERION series smart solar street light is integrated : Solar Panel, LED , Alluminum Alloy bidy, Smart Enery Pack , each part can be seperated.

solar street light

2. Smart Energy Pack
The heart of our solar street light , drawer -type design,can remove easily when problem occurs and replaced with a new one .


3.NOMO owned smart control system
For traditional street lights, maintenance fee is a big cost, Nomo smart control system help the users to solve the problem, no need check the conditions of the lights by yourself, you can monitor all the information through our platform by computer or your mobile.

smart solar street light operation draw