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solar parking lot lights

  • Double Arm LED Solar Street Pole Light

    Double Arm LED Solar Street Pole Light

    Nomo's new generation pole solar street lights have optional double arm design, This design meets the higher lighting demand. The solar module light pole and double lamp holder can meet the electricity demand of 24000 lumen lamps, constitute the most innovative, cost-effective and elegant solution to illuminate public and private spaces such as streets and intersections, markets and public squares, industrial and military compoundsRead More

  • Solar Off Grid Home System

    Solar Off Grid Home System

    NOMO's cutting edge Solar Off Grid known as the "POWERWALL" is well-designed and helps in converting/transferirng the solar energy into electric power, and stores it into the energy park. This system is available for power luminaries, Fan, Television. It's a Low voltage and safe product that can be mounted on the wall. The POWERWALL is a cutting edge and must have system for modern smart houses.Read More

  • Stand-alone energy saving Solar Lights

    Stand-alone energy saving Solar Lights

    Nomo's stand-alone energy-saving high-efficiency solar street lights. Unique drawer type design, insert the energy pack directly into the integrated case for installation, as well as easy maintenance. High photoelectricPatented MPPT controller provides much better compatibilities for the whole system.Read More

  • High Mast 160W Street Light

    High Mast 160W Street Light

    NOMO's HELIOS "H5" a beautiful Tall Standing appearance and has a unique form with a Well Designed shaped. This Solar Street Pole Light has an inbuilt 4th generation Lithium Iron Battery and also a patented MPPT solar charge controller AND can resist the strongest Wind.Read More