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Best Quality Apollo Series Split Solar Powered Street Lights 5000LM

Best Quality Apollo Series Split Solar Powered Street Lights 5000LM

NOMO Apollo series solar powered street light 5000LM , using high efficiency mono solar panel, good quality LiFePO4 battery and smart MPPT controller, high brightness LED chip 3535. Good to be used for parking lot, garden road, community street road, sidewalk roads

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Best quality Apollo series split solar powered street lights 5000LM

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Traditional solar system includes so many parts: traditional lamp ( or LED lamp), solar panel, lead-acid battery, controller, solar panel brackets, battery cabinets. The volume is very large, therefore freight charge is very high, and labor cost of mounting is also very high.
But NOMO Apollo solar powered street lights solve all the above problems and troubles, most importantly it can solve the sun Orientation facing problem.
Our unique design is to combine all the controller and battery parts in one unit, LED lamp separately Since we use a light-weight LiFePo4 battery battery instead of lead-acid battery, and design the solar panel together with battery and controller, no need to burry the battery under the ground, easy installation and good facing forward sun. So our solar LED street light looks like a normal LED street light.

Apollo Solar powered street light parameter: 



Apollo -5000LM

Apollo -8000LM

Apollo -12000LM


PV Module





Life time

25years( The power attenuation of each year is around 1%)

LED Light 

 Optional LED fixture note3-4 models will be available for choosing.)

viewing Angel


Color Temperature


Color rendering index


Life time


Battery Tape

Lithium LiFePo4  battery

Battery Capacity





Battery life time


MPPT charge controller

including wireless communication module (please see the Communication topology below )

Timing mode

1Hr50% ,4Hr100%,3Hr50%,4Hr25%.

Circuit Protection

Overcharge, discharge, short circuit, open load, lightning protection and other functions

Life time


Charging Time (STC)

6-8Hours(With STC)



Working Temperature

-20~+60(When the temperature is below -10,derating use  )

Storage Temperature


Protection Grade


Installation Height

4m to 6m light pole

5 m to 7m light pole

6 m to 8m light pole

8 m to 10m light pole

Installation Diameter


Clearance of Installation

15m to 20m

20m to25m

25m to 30m

30m to 35m

Advantages :

  1. Use good quality high efficiency mono solar panel.

  2. Good quality long lifespan LIFEPO4 battery.

  3. High brightness LED chip 3535.

  4. Flexible angle adjustable solar panel and LED lamp.

1.The day to day running and maintenance costs are slashed
2.There is a positive environmental impact as opposed to a negative one
3.The lack of wiring to be installed minimizes the disruption caused to, for example, road users during installation
4.Solar street lights can be easily erected in almost all locations


Solar Street light is suitable for small lighting projects such as
2.Park roads
3.Garden roads
4.Branch roads
5.Sidewalk roads
6.Community Roads

solar powered street light.jpg

Apollo solar street light working mode:

working mode of solar street light.jpg

Light Distribution curve 

solar street light light distribution.jpg

solar street light distribution.jpg

Quality control:

solar street light quality control.jpg

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