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High Effective Outdoor Solar Panel Street Lights Price In China

High Effective Outdoor Solar Panel Street Lights Price In China

Apollo solar street light is a new series of NOMO factory, it's solar panel , controller, battery integrated, no need cables, simple installation, most important,it can solve the sun face forward problem. Avoid the lack of sunshine, to make sure a great lighting performance.

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High effective outdoor solar panel street lights price in China

NOMO Apollo solar panel street lights is a new solar street lights for alternativewhich is available with maximum power 320W , battery capacity maximum 1536WH, led lumen output 12000LM, and meet requirement of different application.Apollo solar street lights.jpg

Say goodbye to darkness in the evening and costly electricity bills. NOMO solar street lights solutions absorb the sun's natural energy to provide high-quality illumination for outdoor main street and road applications.

This high technology delivers a convenient, sustainable way to light your space with minimal investment and maintenance.

Apollo solar panel street lights specifications 



Apollo -5000LM

Apollo -8000LM

Apollo -12000LM


PV Module





Life time

25years( The power attenuation of each year is around 1%)

LED Light 

 Optional LED fixture (note:3-4 models will be available for choosing.)

viewing Angel


Color Temperature


Color rendering index


Life time


Battery Tape

Lithium LiFePo4  battery

Battery Capacity





Battery life time


MPPT charge controller

including wireless communication module (please see the Communication topology below )

Timing mode

1Hr50% ,4Hr100%,3Hr50%,4Hr25%.

Circuit Protection

Overcharge, discharge, short circuit, open load, lightning protection and other functions

Life time


Charging Time (STC)

6-8Hours(With STC)



Working Temperature

-20~+60(When the temperature is below -10,derating use  )

Storage Temperature


Protection Grade


Installation Height

4m to 6m light pole

5 m to 7m light pole

6 m to 8m light pole

8 m to 10m light pole

Installation Diameter


Clearance of Installation

15m to 20m

20m to25m

25m to 30m

30m to 35m

Compared with traditional solar street lights,which solar panel , battery , led lamp is separate, and battery need burried under the ground, and with a lot of wires cabling.  However, Apollo solar panel street lights was developed to a new design which solar panel , controller and battery is integrated , and LED lamp stand alone, no need more wires, very easy to install and looks more simple and compact. 

apollo solar street lights.2.png

A variety of lamp design for your choice.  The LED lamp can be changed to different design. Very easy to have completely different new look.  solar light price cost less, but with more elegant shape.

apollo solar street light.3.png

Solar lighting is more efficient and affordable than ever before.

As solar lighting efficiency improves, the solar street light price continues to drop, while the cost of on-grid power continues to rise. Renewable power from the sun looks more appealing for a greater share of projects.

Welcome to contact us NOMO factory , will offer you reliable solar lighting solution and best solar light price in China. 

If you're looking for the high effective outdoor solar panel street lights price in china, NOMO, as one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers, must be your best choice. Welcome to buy the quality solar products from our factory, and the customized service is also available.
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